Now this really has been a long time

April 11th, 2014
by MPavlich

Ok this has really been a ling time for a new post. I’d be happy to say some encouraging words but I’m actually spending less and less time on this. The reason is probably obvious, this shit just doesn’t work.

Currently even Vilvin is closing up. Haven’t been able to log into it for a week or so. It’s like with every other program, when people realize it’s not working for them then all the benefits start to drip away. So sooner or later it phases out. Here instead of cashing out dollars they’ve switched to credits and the rate was like 1 credit for 0.05 dollars so having 1500 referrals and 30 credits a day was really pissing against the wind.

I’ve gave up on neobux a few months back since I was just putting money into it and couldn’t even stay afloat by recycling and renewing my referrals.

Probux is more or less the only one still alive for me but even there I’m set on dropping out sooner or later. I just extend my referrals more and more every time and have a few bucks in the account but could never get to a point where I could upgrade to anything else then standard.

So my plan now is to make a page telling people why not even start in this business and try to sell that. Instead of giving them tips on how to make money I’ll just tell them not to even try cause it’s a waste of time. People should rather try something else cause since you’re able to buy a PTC script or something like that and run your own site there has been so many tries which all end up gone sooner than later.

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It’s been a while

November 22nd, 2013
by MPavlich

Probably nobody even bothers to read this anymore but just to give a short update on everything. Much has changed lately.

Vilvin has updated the page again and has gone to shit since now you are not earning $ but credits and currently there is a conversion rate of 0.033 which means that having 1200 referrals and making 8.5 credits a day makes you 8$ a month. I’m indulging this for a while but not sure if it’s gonna work for long.

I ditched neobux for now since I’ve ran out of referrals again.

Probux has been down for some time but now it’s functioning again so I’ll keep clicking although I can’t say anything promising due to some forum threads regarding payouts.

Currently I’m also having fun with ADclickExpress (previously Justbeenpayed).

The way things are going I might try something completely different since this PTC business is not really going anywhere.

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A few days later

October 7th, 2013
by MPavlich

Only a few days later I’m back to where I was. Now I need to stick to these 1000 refs and see where it goes. In any case I cancelled my withdrawal request and made a new one. Now I’ll see if anything comes out of it. If I don’t get it in a week I’ll inform the admin and hopefully see some results.

Have no big plans for other sites yet since everything basically hangs on Vilvin. Probux is not going anywhere yet since the referral count is just big enough to sustain itself but no more than that.

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Vilvin again

October 3rd, 2013
by MPavlich

Vilvin gave us a bit of a scare a few days back. We could not rent or extend our referrals and that happened just when I almost reached 1000 referrals.

They blocked it due to PTC side not running exactly as it should. Now it’s back but there are not any referrals to rent unless you use the ones that are upgraded (cost twice the price).

Now I’m back to 850 and climbing. In the meantime I earned quite a lot and could buy referrals quickly. Luckily I did not drop a lot.

Hope everything goes as planned from now on.

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Updates – again

September 16th, 2013
by MPavlich

I’ve decided to go for 1000 referals with vilvin while I wait for my first 20$ cashout on the new site.

In the meanwhile I gathered my Payza resources and invested into Adcliksexpress or whatever it’s called now. Climbed up to 4 shares and am trying to get up quickly to see if they pay at all. Don’t hold much hopes for it but well.

When I reach 1000 with Vilvin I plan to invest into probux and try to maintain neobux at some level. I keep loosing refs since there are not enough clicks to support all I had.

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Vilvin FTW

September 3rd, 2013
by MPavlich

Managed to get to 700 referrals at Vilvin and it’s easy to extend them while still earning additional income. I’ll see how long will it take me to get enough for Probux membership upgrade. I’m aiming to do neobux last since it appears to be the most challenging.

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August 26th, 2013
by MPavlich

Well I have been absent for a while, have I. :D

Nothing much to talk about really since I did not do anything new in the time that passed. One thing that transpired in my absence is that all Justbeenpaid programs are now one again so not sure what to think. It’s suppose to be an indefinitely sustainable formula but since they started having problems with ProfitClicking nothing counts anymore. Even ClickPaid didn’t last for long and bot are now AdClickXpress which is a bit stupid since now I have 2 accounts after migration. No use to have the second one since nothing much came out of it in a few months. Anyway I again invested 10$ and bought one package to start from scratch.

The rest have been going steady as usual. No sites were dumped lately since there was no need yet. Not sure if I should invest in any of them though.

Neobux is at at 140 something referrals and steadily declining. Don’t think you can come far without a big initial investment.
Vilvin is doing great. I’m almost back at 600 referrals just with the use of ma previous earnings and am steadily earning more.
Probux is realxing at 200 but the earnings go up so slowly that I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to earn enough for golden membership.

Seeing it how it is going now I still hope for vilvin to earn enough for other 2 programs, but everything is going so slowly that you tend to think weather it’s worth the wait.

I do plan to go trough all the pages and update what’s needed, but that will take time of course – will start with vilvin so I can promote it a bit.

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July 9th, 2013
by MPavlich

Vilvin has started again and I’ve been able to buy 60 refs with my 5% of balance. The rest is locked and I will get 5% every week which is good since I’ll be able to periodically buy referrals. I think this way I should be back on track quickly since the Gold membership is still running.

I’ll keep to my tactics with addition of extending useful refs beside buying new ones. I need to focus on advertising it again to get some fresh direct refs.

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Long time…

July 2nd, 2013
by MPavlich

I really thought that going out of town on a business trip would give me some time to work on this blog and stuff related, but boy was I wrong :D

Anyway, what is happening lately in my online business adventures is that Vilvin is again updating the site right after I switched to Gold membership and got up to around 800 referrals. As far as I know they are resetting our memberships and funds which should be available later on. In any case there’s still hope for the future.

Neobux is still going strong, just not my account. I recently put in some more money and extended the bought referrals. Now let’s see if this works better than extending only the ones making money.

Probux is the most stable for me right now and am holding at 200 referrals. I hope to be able to grab enough funds for an upgrade.

In other news… Profitclicking has been sold again (or so we’ve been told) and is resetting all over so I’m back to one ad package. Not sure if what we had will ever become available again.

Clickpaid is on the other hand still running thou it has not been long on the scene anyway. I’m used up my free 10$ and it was taken away when I got it trough the clicks so I’m left with the 5 remaining now which is of no big use to me. I need another 10$ to buy a new package which is of course the idea to get new influx of money in.

MegaMoneyHibrid is something I never talked about much since it just started when it already went overboard. The owners are slowly setting up their Forex platform to make it run again and I get regular updates about what’s going on. Don’t have much hope for it though.

20dollarstosurf is just barely making enough per month so I can buy a referral or two. The only thing working there would probably be that the initial rent of referrals would make sure a constant income for repurchase with some additional left over cash so essentially the page will not work for small investors. Might be good for advertising though.

As for the other PTC sites everything is going as anticipated. One after another they are all being either blocked by paypal or running out of cash so I’m glad I did not join any new sites for some time now. Would be just wasting time. At the moment I maybe have 2-3 sites more that the trusted ones and am waiting for all to go under.

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June 2nd, 2013
by MPavlich

Seems like some of the pages are making my life easy and just disappear or stop working. So I have less work clicking. Sometimes my fingers start itching when I see an ad for a new site but then I remember how many I saw go scam already. Besides, if you’re not planning to invest anything then it’s most likely you’ll be just wasting time clicking on the ads every day.

Right now I’m trying to determine which of the sites I’m still using are any good (most likely none other the most trusted ones) and just focusing on the best three. While Vilvin’s going on smoothly (except for pending payments due to alleged payment limitations) I’ve also hit max refs with Probux and am maintaining there. The only problematic child is Neobux again. Instead of growing I’m slowly loosing my refs again. Will need to look at that and see to it that it starts working the other way around. I’m currently extending all useful refs on all sites and replenishing others.

With other sites I’m just buying one ref at a time and am waiting what will happen to Profitclicking and Clickpaid. I’ll keep you posted if anything mayor happens.

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